CNC Turning Parts in Taiwan

CNC Turning Parts in Taiwan

In the process of CNC turning we emphasise on universal application possibilities in the manufacture of rods, chucks and shafts. Through complete CNC machining we significantly reduce the manufacturing cycle times. For the benefit of our customers.

We ensure a consistently high quality of machining, even in case of complicated parts, by using sophisticated machine modules, and employing skilled CNC turners who operate the machines. Because everything revolves around high precision at Unison Tek !!

Unisontek CNC Precision Turning Parts 

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We can produce a range of components from 2 mm to 102mm thru spindle on a variety of CNC Turning Lathes. Larger parts up to 648 mm in diameter and 1150 mm long can be machined on CNC Turning centers.

We can machine the following materials

  • Stainless steel, as well as all commonly available steel grades
  • Titanium and other materials
  • Non-ferrous metals
  • Plastics


Ask for our expertise in the field of CNC turning / CNC turned parts. We look forward to your enquiry and reply to you as soon. Please visit CNC Milling PartsMachined Part ,CNC Machined PartsTechnical Data for your reference and Quality Inspection to get more info about us, if you have any question, please e-mail to Harry Yen

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