CNC Sliding Head Lathe

Introduction of CNC Sliding Head Lathe

CNC Sliding Head Lathes are also known as Swiss Auto Lathes.  The unique technology behind the sliding head lathes is associated with a bar being push through CNC machine’s headstock and being gripped by a collet.

Conventional Lathe with a Fixed Headstock


In a conventional lathe with a fixed headstock, the worpiece is firmly clamped in a chuck or collet and then each type of tools need changing manually after it serves its turn.  What separates a Swiss machine from other types is that the headstock moves.


The bar comes out of a guide bushing and extends into the machining area. A Swiss machine can produce sophisticated parts, performing more than one operation and can be equipped with numerous tools to cut and shape the workpiece in just one setting.


According to the sizes of parts you are going to work on and the complexity of your tasks, a Swiss machine or two could cut down cycle times and reduce defect loss.


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