The Seamless Supply Chain We Provide

The Seamless Supply Chain

We understand what 1 late product means for your production line might cause big problems on your company such as, production downtime, making your end customer unhappy or lost revenue. Hence, we trust that in giving our customer the right product or parts and shipping out in the right time can be called “The Seamless Supply Chain”.

Unison Tek believe that follow the below three core tenets can build up and even strengthen the seamless supply service.

  • Immediately Respond

We provide personalized and seamless responses to today’s digitally connected customer across all channels from e-mails, phone calls and video calls. In addition, we applied the Skype Account online to respond the customers without any time difference.


  • Rapid Lead Time

Unison Tek provides 2-3 weeks lead time in machining process. Our organized production line and affiliated suppliers can solve the customers’ urgent lead time.


  • High Quality

    To avoid any re-work issue or giving any replacement, we believe that provide our high quality to our customer can help them avoid any unhappy business relationship happened from both their end customers and them,

The Seamless Supply Chain Unisontek Provide

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