Introduction to ARCAP AP1D

CuNi25Zn12 – Free machining nickel silver alloy alloyed with Pb.

Features and Particularities

Die ARCAP AP1D alloy is an improved corrosion resistant free machining nickel silver
alloy. It is alloyed with Pb to obtain a still better machining and longer tool life. High
machining speeds up to 150 m/min are achievable according to the used machine tool
and tooling.

Very smooth surfaces can be achieved at high cutting speeds with dia-
mond cutting tools. This nickel silver alloy permits to obviate and suppress the for-
mation of drilling burrs.


The ARCAP AP1D nickel silver alloy is used for fittings, spectacle frames, wear parts
and numerous parts produced by turning.


Material number ARCAP AP1D
EN CuNi25Zn12Pb1
UNS C76390


1. The ARCAP AP1D nickel silver alloy is generally machined in the cold deformed
(drawn or rolled) condition.

Machinability: good
Cutting speed: up to 150 m/min
Lubricant-coolant:  Lubricant-coolant:

2. The optimal cutting conditions depend on the machine tool, the cutting tools, the
chip dimensions, the lubricant-cooling fluid, as well as the tolerances and surface
the roughness to be achieved.


Generally good suited.


ARCAP AP1D nickel silver cannot be hardened by heat treatment.


ARCAP AP1D nickel silver can be strengthened a by cold working and forming.


Die microstructure of ARCAP AP1D stay single phase in all deformation operations.


The ARCAP APID nickel silver alloy is well amenable for polishing

mechanical: suitable
electrolytic: suitable

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