Blasting is a method applying grit to a surface, using pressurized air to jet certain blast media. This creates a gritty and sandy finish, widely seen on tech products like smartphones, notebooks and instruments.

Some refer to this method as Sand-blasting. Meanwhile, Glass bead blasting, or Bead-blasting, is done using small glass beads for the purpose.


Blasting Systems

A blasting system requires air compressor, a container for the beads or blast media, and a nozzle to aim. The air compressor push air into hose at certain pressure level. Because of the smaller size, beads typically require greater pressure.

The nozzle directs the jet-like stream that can be effectively aimed at specific locations or surfaces. Blasting must be done in a tightly contained area to avoid injury and damage to environment.

A typical blasting machine contain an air-tight enclosed space and industrial gloves to protect the operator while blasting material.

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