Catergory of Machine tools

Machine tools

There are many metal cutting machine tools in the field of metal  processing, following table just names a few common tools.

Metal Cutting Machine Tools


CNC Lathe

Bench Lathe

High Speed Lathe

Automatic Lathe

Vertical Lathe

Milling machine

CNC Milling Machine (Horizontal Spindle)

CNC Milling machine (Vertical Spindle)

Knee type Milling Machine

Bed type Milling Machine

Universal Milling Machine

Bench type Milling machine

Plano Milling Machine

Grinding machine

CNC Grinding Machine ( Cylindrical)

CNC Grinding Machine ( Internal)

CNC Surface Grinding Machine

CNC Centerless grinding machine

Universal Grinding Machine

Tool & Cutter Grinding Machine

Drilling machine

CNC Drilling Machine

Bench Drilling Machine

Radial Drilling Machine

Multi-spindle drilling machine

Complex Machine

Sawing machine

Vertical band sawing machine

Horizontal band sawing machine

Hack Sawing Machine

Circular Sawing Machine

Mechanical Press

High Speed Press

Power Press

Crank Press

Knuckle Joint Press

Penumatic Press

Planing Machine

CNC Planing Mill

Planing Mill

Shaping Machine /Shaper

Boring Machine

Broaching machine

Slotting machine

Machining centers

Horizontal Machining centers

Vertical Machining centers

Double Columns Machining centers

Five Faces Machining Center


Electric Discharge Machine (EDM)

CNC EDM ( Die-Shinking Type)

CNC Wire Cutter


Gear cutting machine

Special Purpose Machine

Thread Rolling Machine

Tapping machine

Lapping machine

Honing Machine

Engraving Machine

Metal Forming Machining Tools

plate Bending Machine

Tube Bending Machine

Shearing Machine

Wire Forming Machine

Hot or cold former

Pipe and Tube making and working machine

Bolt & Nut Forming machine

Metal Net making machine

Metal Processing Machine Tools

Riveting Machine

Winding Machine

Polishing Machine

Nail Making Machine

Pull Rivet Making Machine

Spring Making Machine

Ultrasonic Machine

High Frequency Machine

Grinding & Finishing Machine

Electroplating Equip

Heat Treatment Equip


Die Casting Machine

Welding Equipment

Laser cutting machine

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