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Clevis Pins refer to a class of non-threaded fasteners that characterized by their low cost, reusability, and less precise design. Clevis pins were known as cornpicker pins because of their wide use in agricultural products.

Generally, clevis pins are cold headed or turned from cold finished steel, including C1010~C1018 carbon steel, 1045, 4140 alloy and 1144.

Clevis Pins can be used as a temporary quick-disconnect or permanent fastener in place of bolts and rivets. There is chamfered end for easier installation. Only one length per diameter.


Solar Panel Installation / Wheelchair / Shelf / Agricultural Products

Following are Pins pictures:

Clevis Pin With One Ball & Spring Inside For Aerial Equipment

Clevis Pin With One Ball & Spring Inside For Aerial Equipment
Body: Steel 1215 / Zinc Plated - RoHS
Ring: Steel / Nickel Plating

Pull Pin With One Ring & Spring Inside For Lift Parts Pull Pin With One Ring & Spring Inside For Lift Parts
Body: Stainless Steel
Ring: Steel / Zinc Plated

An alternative to bolts and rivets, these pins lock in place with a cotter pin. Choose a clevis pin and add your own cotter pin, or select a clevis pin that includes a reusable hairpin cotter pin.

Steel pins have good strength. Pins with a zinc-plated finish have some corrosion resistance. Pins with a zinc yellow-chromate plated finish are more corrosion resistant than zinc-plated pins.

18-8 stainless steel pins offer a balance of strength and corrosion resistance. They may be mildly magnetic.

316 stainless steel pins have the best corrosion resistance of our stainless steel pins, and are as strong as 18-8 stainless steel pins. They may be mildly magnetic. Passivated pins offer added protection against corrosion and oxidation.


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